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Common Mistakes in Research Paper Writing and How to Avoid

Posted by adminNov/27/2017

Students despite putting so much effort, often fail in research papers. They perceive research paper writing as tough as climbing Mount Everest. Actually, it is only walking on the plain. Students falter mostly when it comes to research paper writing because they commit some mistakes which can be avoided easily. Research paper services have observed that only being a little cautious and systematic, those mistakes can be avoided and instead one can secure distinction marks from the tutor.

Lack of attention to the topic

Students often jump into writing before even understanding the topic. Research paper services stress on having a great understanding of the topic. A good understanding of the topic helps to plan the research in advance. Academic papers normally require intensive study and investigation. Thus, without knowing the topic properly the research may be irrelevant to the topic.

Inadequate research

Students priorities the deadline over the substantial presentation of the paper. They research little and write assumptions without the support of authentic academic sources. As the consequence, the tutor is left with no choice but to circle an ‘F’. The experts of various research paper services have asserted that the research phase itself is a self-learning process. In fact, while researching, students can explore the topic more compared to within the classroom. Therefore, the student should realize the significance of research and study.

Poor thesis statement and incoherent structure

Research papers are all about elaborating an argument. It should be written in a way so that readers can keep the track. Thesis statement indicates the objective of the argument.Students overlook the necessity of providing a clear and strong thesis statement and keep writing aimlessly just to cover the word count. The readers find the paper very difficult to follow as structurally it loses the coherence.

Insufficient data

This mistake is actually the chain reaction of the second mistake. Inadequate research leads to insufficient data collection which cannot substantiate the research paper. The research paper services make sure to inculcate appropriate data to formulate exceptional papers.

Incorrect referencing

Students still regard the issue of plagiarism very lightly. As the consequence, they insert information into their papers but marks are deducted as they do not cite them at all or incorrectly. The research paper services advise formatting the bibliography according to the required style of referencing with equal seriousness when students normally pay while writing the paper.

Lack of proof-reading and editing

Proof-reading is essential before submitting the research paper to the tutor. Final editing adds more finesse to the paper. Proof-reading takes normally 10-15 minutes but students often skip this part and pay later for low grades.

These are the very common mistakes among the students in research paper writing. Research in academic context allows liberal learning to the students. But, students consider it as the burden to their existing curriculum. On the other hand, a student can easily check himself/herself from committing these mistakes by allotting the required time and attention to the writing activity.